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Top Ten Résumé Writing Tips to Get Your Résumé Noticed

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So many people around the world are looking for a job. The economy condition throughout the world has pushed people in to great competition to strive for getting a job. In order to get the job you need to have suitable qualities and the required skill set for the job in question. However, that is not all you need. No matter how talented or skilled you are, if you don’t convey it properly to the employer you may not be considered for the job. In order to stand out from the competition, you need to have an optimal résumé. Only the best résumés that manage to appeal to the employers will even be considered for an interview. So it is highly important that you create a professional and optimized résumé that conveys your skills and accomplishments in an efficient and complete manner.


                   Top 10 Tips for an Optimal Résumé:


We figured many people out there are sitting at home thinking, why they did not get a call back from the job application. The reason is your résumé. We bring you the top 10 tips to get your résumé noticed.



It is a known fact that employers only look at a résumé for like 10 seconds. You need to make sure that you add keywords that are related to the job that you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a programming job, all your major skills should be used notably and not hidden in some corner of the page. You can use bullet points to highlight your technical skills, so the reader would not miss them out when reading. Read the job description carefully, take the keywords from there and mention them in your résumé notably.


       Target the Recruiter:

It has recently became a norm to apply through online job portals. This is nice, but the chances to actually get selected through this platform are very thin, as thousands of applicants will be applying for the same posting. If you really wish to get your résumé considered for the job that you are interested in, it will be better to submit the résumé directly to the recruiter or the hiring committee. You can search for the Email address for the HR department of the firm and leave your résumé with them.
Moreover, create the résumé in a definitive style which conveys your job skills, accomplishments and experiences perfectly to the recruiter. This will get your chances of selection high.

       Avoid any Clichés:

Many people use cliché words on their résumé like highly qualified, result oriented, focused etc. You have the skills, we get it. But the recruiter may not be impressed with the repetitive terms. Rather than writing all this, you should explain how you are highly qualified, why are you result oriented or how focused are you. These are the things that will attract the recruiter to your résumé. As recruiters we generally do not like cheesy phrases but explanations to prove the point.

       Bragging Rights:

While composing feel free to openly brag about your skills, accomplishments, awards, experience etc. Remember that you only have a few seconds of time to make it or break it. In order to make a quick impression you need to oversell yourself. We are not asking you to be annoying here, but tasteful use of nice and humble words that highlight everything you have accomplished will be a major plus in your résumé.

       Contact Information:

Contact information is a very important part of your résumé. You need to enter all means of contact in to your résumé. Make sure that the contact number you have added is attended by you at all times. The recruiter may not call twice, so be alert at all times to attend the call. Make sure that you include your first and last name, home address, postal code, home and cell phone number, and your email address.

       Adding the Objective:

While adding the objective, do not make claims that are unrelated. Make sure that every word you use is suitable for the job that you are applying for. The more specifically you mention the objective, the more chance you will have to be considered.

       Tech Savvy your Résumé:

This is a world run by technology. Make sure that you add your technology skills to your résumé. Don’t be general about it though. Specifically mention all the software and hardware technology that you are adept at using. Use this to your advantage as keywords.


There are so many optimal templates available online. You can search a good template within a couple of minutes. Just keep it as an outline and personalize it with your information. A streamlined résumé format will have an appealing effect on the recruiter.


Make sure to arrange your most relevant or recent job experience in the résumé. Also enter your accomplishments and duties listed on the top each job position. This will give the recruiter a clear view of how you are the right choice for the job in question.


It is a general practice of people seeking jobs to create a résumé and send the same copy to a number of different employers. This is a big mistake as a generalized résumé is mostly likely to not make the cut. So when you are applying for a job, make sure that you customize each copy according to the job requirements mentioned by the recruiter. This is very important as it will give the reader a feel that you have really invested your time in making effort for this job. It portrays a hardworking trait and is mostly preferred by recruiters.


Implement these 10 Resume Writing Tips to get  noticed  for a job interview.


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