T. Stein

    Robert really wants you to succeed.  He called me the day before my first interview and asked if I had any questions. After the interview he called to see how well I interviewed. That spoke volumes. Later on I got an offer from the first interview which I didn’t accept because I had several offers that I can attribute to Robert’s interview coaching. He was consistent in his follow-up in all of my job interviews. He really loves people and is very good at what he does. If you want to get hired, Robert is the right person to help you get there. 

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    Beth M.

    What problem would hiring you solve?  Do you know what your market value is?  I remember the moment Robert asked those two questions I knew I had made the right decision…

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    M. Braun

    When I bought Robert’s Interview Tips book, I realized I was making a lot of mistakes during my job interviews. If I wanted to ace every job interview I needed customized…

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    Megan S.

    The customized interview coaching gave me the confidence I needed and the right job interview strategies to nail my interviews and get multiple job offers. Robert has exceptional business acumen and…

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    R. Newman

    I was unemployed for over 1 year and had lost confidence and hope that I would be able to find a job. I had several interviews over that period without having…