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    How To Ace An Interview


    Interviews can be daunting, there is no doubt about it. You walk into the room with the manager sitting behind a desk (sometimes more than one) and your career and your future could hinge on the next few minutes. However, interviewers don’t like nervous candidates so what can you do to ace your interview?


    1. Dress Smart – The important decisions you make on the day of your interview start as soon as you wake up; make sure you are clean, have brushed your teeth, and are ready for action. After this, you need to choose a smart but appropriate suit. It is often said that you should choose a wacky tie or shirt in order to stand out but this isn’t necessary; you can do your talking in other ways.


    1. Research – Another top tip of things you can do before you even enter the building is make sure you have sufficiently researched everything you possibly can about the business and the role you are applying for. If you don’t, the interviewer will think that you aren’t really interested.


    1. Start Strong – One of the most popular opening questions in an interview is ‘tell me about yourself’ and believe it or not, this is not an opportunity to ramble about anything and everything. They normally want to get a general sense of your confidence both through actions and words and what immediate impression you give off. Try to choose something that will impress the interviewer and highlight one of your key skills.


    1. Back Up Your Skills – At some point, the interviewer will go through your resume and talk about your key skills; make sure you know your resume like the back of your hand and have examples that back up each of the skills you have listed.


    1. Build a Rapport – Interviewers aren’t looking for someone who will constantly say ‘yes’ and get on with the job without question, they want to find someone who will challenge the current employees to do better. A good way to show yourself that you are capable of that is to be confident and build a rapport with your interviewer.


    1. Eye Contact – Eye contact says a lot about a candidate; for example, a lack of eye contact suggests that you are not confident. Try to maintain contact whilst they are talking and use the time when you are talking to look away a bit more.



    1. Be Yourself – The only way of finding out whether you are right for a job or not is to actually be yourself in the interview instead of choosing to act, which wastes time. If you get chosen based on false premise, you will have to maintain that forever.


    1. Stick To The Question – In an interview, it is extremely easy to go off topic and just start listing off your skills and you experience. However, it is important that you listen to the question being asked and answer it as best you can.


    1. Embrace Your Negatives – Your resume should only show your positives which means that at some point, the interview is likely to ask about your negatives. However, don’t shy away from this topic; instead, use the opportunity to show that you learn from failures and mistakes. Generally, we learn more form failure than success and employers know this.


    1. End Strong – Make sure you leave the room knowing exactly what the next step is and when you can expect to hear from them. A bonus tip would be to ask if they have any concerns regarding your application; not only will this show confidence but it will also give you an opportunity to smooth over any concerns.


    Follow these 10 Interview tips and ace your next job interview.


    Robert Moment is an author and get hired expert who specializes in interview coaching that help ambitious people get hired for  jobs and make more money.  Robert is the  author of several professional development   books including, Interview Tips. Visit his site and sign up for the FREE 10 Day e-Course titled, How to Interview for a Job and Get Hired.    Visit

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