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    Interview Skills

    10 Job Interview Skills You Need In Every Industry

    Interview Skills

    Each and every interview is unique in that you need to show off particular skills that will help in the industry you are applying for but there are some skills that cover everything. These skills need to be shown in the interview so that the interviewer will know that you will fit into the business. Let’s take a look;


    Punctuality – You can ruin your chances of getting any job just by turning up late; this tells the interviewer that you have a problem with keeping time, are not taking the job seriously and even that you might have a habit of poor time-keeping once hired. The interviewer will think ‘well, if they are late to the interview, will they make it to work on time if we employ them?’.


    Confidence – When you arrive at the building, make sure you make yourself known to the manager or receptionist or whoever it may be. If you do this, as well as show confidence throughout the entire interview, they will almost certainly benefit from having you on their team.


    Analysis – During your interview, show that you can assess your previous role and your success by analysing your performance. If you can actively present data, the interviewer will very quickly be able to see exactly how you can do the same for them if they were to hire you.


    Creative Thinking – This one may be a bit more tricky to show but it can be done with a little research. Before you go to your interview, research the market the business operates in and see if you can find ways to help them progress. In the interview, you can present these ideas as well as how you would help implement them; the interviewer will almost certainly be impressed.


    Humility – Although this one may seem strange and contrary to popular belief, humility is very much in-demand by employers these days. Of course, they want to see confidence and self-belief but they also don’t want you to be that closed off that you can’t learn new skills.


    Responsibility – This works in two ways; firstly, you have to take your share of the blame for previous failures but you also need to be able to claim responsibility for previous successes. If you don’t, you are showing a level of denial and an inability to reward one’s self.


    Personal Growth – Following on from the previous point, if you do take responsibility for failures and mistakes, show that you have learnt from it. If we don’t learn from failure, we are likely to make the mistakes again so show that you are different.


    Communication – This is a big one because many businesses thrive off communication to survive and progress. If you can show that you would be willing to work with colleagues as well as discuss problems with managers, you would be welcomed into any business; a good way to do this is to create a rapport from the very start.


    Team Work – Again, this is another key skill and one that some businesses need to survive. The easiest way to show that you have this skill is if you are placed in a group interview; use this opportunity to work well with strangers and show that you can work in a team.


    Business Acumen – Many people wait until they start a job to show that they understand the business and the industry but why not drop early hints in the interview? Try to start conversations that delve into the core of the business and the industry so you can show your understanding.




    Master the following 10 Job Interview Skills and stand out in your job interviews.


    Robert Moment is an author and get hired expert who specializes in interview coaching that help ambitious people get hired for  jobs and make more money.  Robert is the  author of several professional development   books including, Interview Tips. Visit his site and sign up for the FREE 10 Day e-Course titled, How to Interview for a Job and Get Hired.    Visit

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