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Robert Moment Interview Coach , Speaker and Author

Robert Moment

Interview Coach , Speaker and Author

Passionate and driven to help others succeed, Robert Moment specializes in helping professionals maximize their knowledge, skills, and abilities to reach their goals, discover opportunities, how to interview, stand out from the competition, get hired on job interviews, negotiate the best salary and increase their income. With an intuitive nature and profound life experience, he has written several life-changing books such as, How to Succeed in Life, How to Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking, Motivation    and other books continues to develop a firm position in the business world. Having worked for some of America’s most iconic companies—Citigroup, Xerox,  Manpower and Pitney Bowes to name a few—he’s known as a creative trendsetter with powerful ideas and expert problem-solving techniques that really work. His success as an Interview Coach is undeniable. Given his attention to detail, reflective listening skills, and extreme focus on clients and their needs, Robert is an experienced coach who transforms lives with absolute passion. Known for not thinking outside of the box, but throwing the entire thing out the window, he loves to push standards and elevate ideas to bring out the best in people. There is no problem too big for Robert. Because, to him, problems are nothing more than opportunities for growth and potential. With Fortune 500 experience and comprehensive business knowledge, Robert is an Interview Coach who is committed to making sure his clients not only reach their goals, but exceed them.  I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED.  EVERYTIME.  PERIOD.