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10 Interview Tips To Stand Out and Get Hired

10 Interview Tips
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Searching for a job can be stressful; if you’re like many, you spend most of your time waiting for replies that never come and even when you bag an interview, you never seem to make enough of an impression to be brought in again. Most interview tips will tell you to dress up smart, be polite, and be honest and while this is important, it may not help you to stand out because all the other candidates will have read the same thing. For this reason, we have a list of unique tips that other job-hunters may not be aware of!

10 Interview Tips To Stand Out:

Keep Eye Contact – For the employer, there is nothing worse than looking across the desk to see the candidate nervously looking down into their hands. This is especially true when talking so be sure to keep eye contact as it shows that you are listening and taking in exactly what they are saying.


Everyone Is Judging – Did you know that most employers will ask their receptionists what they think of candidates and whether they were polite or not? For this reason, being polite solely in the interview may not be enough, make sure you are kind to everyone you come across (even the other candidates).


Use Their Name – We have all been in interviews where we were so nervous that we missed what the interviewer’s name is and we spend most of the time wondering whether to ask or whether it has been too long. If you haven’t, you are lucky. However, if you want to really stand out, make sure that the interviewer knows that you remembered their name by using it a couple of times. By using their name, you will be showing that you are generally interested not only in the job but also in creating a rapport.



Use Numbers – If you couldn’t fit all the information you needed into your application, have a list of numbers and percentages you can reel off in the interview. Companies like to hear numbers because it is relatable; they will start to think ‘well, if they increased sales by 20% in their previous job, maybe they can do for us’. Of course, don’t just start randomly reeling off numbers, make sure the conversation is relevant.


Bring Ideas – At some point in your job, you will be expected to bring some new ideas to the table in order to help the business to grow; why not start in the interview? If you start explaining ideas that you think would help in your role, you will be showing that you have thought about the job, you are motivated and that you could be successful (if the idea is a good one).


Ask  Good Questions – This doesn’t mean asking the general questions about company culture and how the role would work, this means asking real questions that you would need to know. Good questions would include how the company works, what they are looking for, what they do, how a certain part of the company runs, etc.


Good Handshake – A recent study suggests that if employers have two candidates vying for one job and they are both equally qualified and experienced, they sometimes take the handshake into consideration. This may sound a little strange but it seems as though many companies are looking for a short, firm handshake with eye contact.


Explain Why You Are Different – Don’t forget that every prospective employer will be getting dozens of applications per vacancy so they don’t just want someone who will follow the rules, they will be looking for someone willing to go above and beyond. This is a great chance for you to show off occasions where you overstepped the call of duty in previous employment and how it benefitted the business.


Mirroring – This is a technique that is widely followed by many and it involves copying the interviewers actions, to an extent. For example, if they are extremely energetic and use their hands to explain their points, you should do the same as it creates a connection and they start to see the similarities between you and them.


Finish Strongly – There are many methods of finishing an interview but one of the best will see you adopt an honest approach and ask ‘is there any worries you may have about me starting in this role?’. Not only will this question impress the interviewer and build a level of admiration but it will also give you a chance to smooth over any worries. For example, if they express their concern at your lack of experience, you can try and explain why this shouldn’t be a problem. This can move you from the ‘maybe’ pile right across to the ‘yes’ pile with one easy question.


Follow these 10 Interview Tips and be confident, be prepared and be yourself and get hired  for the jobs you want.


Robert Moment is an author and get hired expert who specializes in interview coaching that help ambitious people get hired for  jobs and make more money.  Robert is the  author of several professional development   books including, Interview Tips. Visit his site and sign up for the FREE 10 Day e-Course titled, How to Interview for a Job and Get Hired.    Visit

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