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You can go the extra mile to do something unique and different from the way everyone else has been doing it, this will simply make you stand out. If you are having the same experience like what everyone is having, you will look as ordinary as everyone else. So, the most important thing is how to stand out and be unique. To get hire in a profitable job interview, you need to make an impression that really stands out; this impression will leaves them to prominently remember you in their mind after many interviews. You will not just be another name on a piece of paper like every other person. So, how can you stand out from the crowd? Here are some tips on how to stand out and be a profitable hire in job interviews:

  • Do your homework/Problem-Solver: The first and the most important thing is to approach the interview from the company’s perspective. So, a candidate who does this is wise and will stand out. By and large, a company search for potential employee that will make the company to be more productive and profitable. The knowledge of this gives you the prospect to present yourself fully prepared to contribute to the process, offer solutions and solve problems.
  • Show you are the best candidate for the job(Show How You Can Add Value to the Company): Let them know your worth by using different examples of how you have worked and contributed to the success of similar office in the past. Explain how you have the essential skills to refurbish the current process and how you possess the leadership competence to create an efficient, cohesive and productive environment.
  • Be Human: Do not think people are 100% rational in the hiring process. You cannot be 100% fit for the job, do not forget the best candidate will be picked not the candidate that got the whole answer 100%. Landing a job is not as a sort of mechanical process, so you must be human.
  • Get Familiar with the Job Requirements: Get a copy of the job description, read it very carefully, word for word, make notes, do your own self-determining research to discover new things.
  • Have your own questions ready: Interview is a two-way conversation, ask reasonable questions. Information is needed for you to decide if you want to work there or not. It might not be the right place for you.
  • Build your confidence: Be strong and raise your level of confidence. Lack of confidence might lead to poor performance. You might have to answer many questions at a time. So be ready.
  • Walk in on Time: There is no excuse when you arrive late for that special interview. Make it 15 minutes before your scheduled interview. This will give you time to get settled and will also allow you to complete additional paperwork.
  • Exchange Business Card: Have your own business cards that contains your personal non-work phone number, email address and target location. Give it out to your interviewers and collect as many as you can.
  • Seal the deal: Sure, ability and experience are indispensable, but in the long run people want to work with those they can be comfortable to go to lunch with. So, share your likeability, be personable, ask questions and smile.
  • Follow Up: Sustain a long-lasting impression after the interview with thank you note. The best way is through a thank-you note. It shows your gratitude and it opens the door for dialogue.

Robert Moment is an interview coach,speaker and author of Interview Tips:Proven Job Interview Tips, Interview Questions and Interview Skills to Get Hired in Job Interviews for the Job You Want. Robert specializes in how to interview tips and skills, helping professionals maximize their knowledge, skills and abilities to get hired,promoted and paid more in job interview opportunities. Robert tell professionals why they aren’t getting hired for jobs and teach them, how to get hired, how to sell themselves , stand out from the competition and negotiate the best salary for themselves.

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