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10 Interview Tips That You Should Never Take for Granted

10 Interview Tips
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The job interview is something that few prospective employees are very comfortable with and even the employers may find the process rather tedious. However, the interview also makes the biggest and most lasting impression of you when trying to land a job. You will need to know how to interview properly in order to help land the job of your dreams with the 10 interview tips provided below.


The good news is that the interview is an art form that can be mastered if you take the time to do a little research and know how to present yourself in these situations. What follows are some handy interview tips that will help shape your appearance, personality, and skill-set when doing an interview.

10 Interview Tips


Dress Appropriately


Too many applicants dress to impress when they should be dressing appropriately to the type of business where they want to get hired. If you are applying for office work, then wear the appropriate clothing to the office. The same is true if you are applying for a trade or other position. Your clothes should be neat and clean and you should look presentable, but don’t overdo it.


Research the Job


When applying for the job, you should know what it all entails. Read the job description carefully and understand what the employer is wanting when it comes to the skill-set necessary to do the work. Remember, no one is going to be a 100% fit, but you can at least understand all of what is required with the job and how you will perform.


Research the Company


You’ll want to take a few minutes to learn about the company in terms of what they do, the areas of interest that they have, and the general type of work that is performed. This is important because it not only shows that you are interested in the company, but that you are willing to learn about what it does in general. Employees who have a genuine interest in the success of their companies tend to perform better and you’ll want to demonstrate this trait during the interview.


Arrive Ahead of Time


There is an old saying that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. This is why so few applicants who arrive late for the interview get hired for the job. If you can’t make the interview on time, then what does it tell your potential employer about how you’ll arrive to work when they hire you? So, be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of time so you can settle down, look around at the place where you might be working, and fill out any additional paperwork that is needed.


Be Positive


When learning how to interview properly, it is very important that you stay positive throughout the process. You don’t have to overdo it, but it is important that you leave an impression of your positive nature. Remember, the employers are going to have to work with you during your time on the job, so having a positive attitude can make all the difference. It tells your potential employer that you always look on the bright side and seek out solutions to problems that may arise. This is a very important trait to demonstrate in an interview.


Be Yourself


Remember, no one is going to be a perfect fit for the job. The employer is not looking for perfection as they are looking for the best candidate in terms of their abilities. This means that you should not try to shape your interview performance into being perfect for the position. It means that you should bring out the best in you as someone who can take on the job. Employers are looking for someone who thinks a bit outside the box and can help with new solutions to problems, so be the best you can be.



One of the best interview tips is smiling. You should be happy to be there, although you should not force your smile. Still, it’s a lot easier for employers to work with someone who is upbeat, positive, and happy as opposed to overly serious. So, you should do your best to try and relax and smile whenever possible so that you can convey yourself as someone that they would want to have around.

Ask Some Questions

The interview is a two-way process and you’ll want to have a few questions ready for yourself. After all, the job description is not going to provide a full view of what the position entails. So, be ready with your own questions after you have answered the interviewers. Your questions should center on any particular concerns that you have about the job, fleshing out any additional information about what is required, if you have to travel, or perhaps any additional responsibilities.

Provide a Business Card

At the end of the interview hand out a business card that has your contact information. It should contain the following;

  • Personal, non-work phone number
  • Email address


Business cards are very cheap these days, so having a hundred or so made up with your contact information should be a snap. Plus, you can also receive a business card from the potential employers as that helps in making a positive impression.


Send a Thank You Note


After the interview is over, be sure to send a thank you note to the employers for the interview. This is your way of letting them know that you are thankful to have the opportunity to apply and be interviewed for the job. A thank you note makes a strong impression and may be the difference in separating you from the other applicants. At the very least, if you didn’t land the job you have the satisfaction of knowing that you tried everything first.


Understanding the art of how to interview can help you land the job of your dreams. The interview tips mentioned here are a start when it comes to getting you the position that you want.



Robert Moment is an interview coach,speaker and author of Interview Tips:Proven Job Interview Tips, Interview Questions and Interview Skills to Get Hired in Job Interviews for the Job You Want.. Robert specializes in how to interview tips and skills, helping professionals maximize their knowledge, skills and abilities to get hired,promoted and paid more in job interview opportunities. Robert tell professionals why they aren’t getting hired for jobs and teach them, how to get hired, how to sell themselves , stand out from the competition and negotiate the best salary for themselves.




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